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Oceanside’s restaurant renaissance continues. With a zero-waste ethos and an exclusively plant-packed menu, The Plot has something for vegans, omnivores and everyone in between.

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With trendy third-wave coffee shops on every block and an emphasis on specialty roasting and sustainability, Oceanside is establishing itself as a craft coffee destination.


San Diego isn't known for its wines. Tasting tours typically take place south of the border or in inland Temecula. But one small winery in South Morro Hills is changing that.


Market Day in Oceanside is just as diverse as the city itself. On Thursdays, countless visitors flock to a myriad of local produce vendors and artisans by day and food trucks by night.


The embodiment of "flip flop fine dining" and 2023 San Diego Magazine-rated Best Southern Restaurant, The Flying Pig is a cornerstone of the city’s community of chefs.


An unpublished feature on the O'side taco scene. Writing, photography and designed magazine style.

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